Album Title. Track #.

I wonder if my life was an album, what song I would be in right now.

The last song was probably track 3 or 4: filled with both fantastic joy and demanding hardship. It’s amazing how responsibility can force you to evaluate your passion and desires, but then in the same breath equip you to pursue them. Marriage has been one of those things for me. As a man wanting to provide for his wife, I had to look in the mirror and evaluate whether or not music was how I could do that. I wound up getting a job at a record label and very quickly realized that it wasn’t the route I had thought it to be.

Marriage took me from being a man evaluating myself in a mirror, to a man who could hold the hand of his partner and kneel before God bringing my dreams, hopes, worries, fears, and all of the in-between. This hasn’t been an easy task since I tend to be so self-sufficient, but it has been one of the most rewarding. It’s almost as though through marriage I discovered I had two lungs to breathe with.

I thought that my passion for playing music and touring would be taking away from the life I was to build with Kendall. But she reminded me that where God leads and gifts me is this place we’ll thrive as a couple. It’s amazing how the voice of God can speak through a wife sometimes.

If you think of it, pray for us as I step into this side of the music industry again. I know that God is calling me into provision and I’m excited to take it one step at a time knowing that I have an amazing wife by my side and a wonderful community around me.

I don’t know what the rest of the song sounds like right now, but I think I’m hearing something that’ll make people dance.

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