In the last decade, I had the amazing privilege of playing many different forms of music from recording albums and DVDs, to stadiums, to intimate gigs with Jesse Phillips. Not only is he one of the most dedicated and versatile musicians I’ve worked with, he also cares deeply about the music and people he is involved with.
— Justin Kintzel // Worship Leader & Songwriter // @justinkintzel
I would recommend Jesse as a session player, guitarist/basser, on the road, off the road, or if you’re just looking for a friend or good influence in your life. Jesse is the man. Also, he’s really funny.
— Drew Miller // Worship Pastor & Artist // @drewjmiller
Jesse Phillips embodies musical excellence. In the years we spent making music together while in University, I could always count on him to be prepared and deliver on a stellar performance. He has a unique attention to detail being able to flawlessly learn parts while improvising tasteful contributions when needed. He is a musician’s musician with a broad knowledge of many instruments and is a gifted arranger. Jesse is a team player and understands his role as a musician being a part of the larger whole. If that isn’t enough, his commitment to his faith matched with his likability and great sense of humour make him a sought-after addition to any team. I would endorse his character and ability to anyone looking for a capable, competent artist.
— Travis Doucette // Worship Leader & Songwriter // @travisdoucette
I have had the privilege of both serving with Jesse as well as calling him friend! I can truly say that I do not know of anyone that I have had the privilege to work with who is more excellent than Jesse! No matter what Jesse does, I know that it will be at the highest standard of excellence! You can put Jesse in a room with anyone, and he is a notch above the rest, in my opinion! He has proven that time after time, but even with Jesse’s incredible gifts and work ethic, he is as down to earth as anyone that I know! Jesse makes others around him better! Jesse is a Christ follower, and he carries and represent the Name of Jesus well! I could go on and on, but let me just say, I highly recommend Jesse! If excellence is what you are looking for, look no further!
— Michael Prettyman // Worship Pastor & Artist // @mdprettyman